■About product warranty
If the product breaks down within the warranty period under normal use based on the instruction manual, we will provide warranty repair, replacement, and repair parts according to the following contents.
To receive a product warranty, please contact us and tell us your purchase site, order number, a brief description of the issue, photos etc.

* Consumable items such as stove and grill are not included.

■Product Warranty Regulations
The product warranty period is one year from the date of purchase or the date of arrival of the product.

In addition, no warranty is provided for damage or breakage as a result of the following causes.
1. Products lifetime expires due to material changing in quality naturally with time.
2. Damage by altering or careless handling.
3. Damage due to handling that is specifically prohibited in the instruction manual.
4. Product failure due to user accidents.
5. Any damage except with product defects due to manufacturing.
6. Damage by dirt and rust.
7. Damage by disassembly.
8. Deformation and failture of parts damaged by dropping or other similar incidents.
9. Product failure due to wear and tear by user.
10. Damage caused by use with other unrelated products.
11. Sensory phenomena (sound, vibration, etc.) that are generally considered to have no functional effect, and minute scratches that do not involve peeling of the coating film.
12. When the function can be restored by a simple adjustment by the user.
13. Failure or damage due to earthquake, lightning strike, fire, flood damage, salt damage, gas damage or other natural disasters or external factors.
14. Purchased as resale (second-hand goods) or transferred.
15. When used by an unspecified number of people such as rental.
16. When purchased outside US/Canada.
17. When used outside US/Canada.
18. Other cases where it is recognized that there is a charge based on our judgment
19. In addition, based on our judgment, repair/replacement fee may be charged.

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