Adapter Convert Nozzle Type Canister to EN417 Lindal Valve Z23-VC


  • DIMENSIONS : Unfolded:14.17″x2.76″x2.83″ / 36x7x7.2cm ; Folded:5.12″x1.57″x3.15″ / 13x4x8cm; WEIGHT : 7.06oz / 200g
  • BUILT-IN SELF-SEALING VALVE : Equipped with a check-valve (self-sealing valve) & O-ring, therefore it won’t leak when connect it to gas canister.
  • CNC & KNURLING MACHINING : CNC machining technology and super duralumin material makes our adapter have a high-quality.
  • STAINLESS BRAIDED HOSE : Our hose is resistant in corrosion/high temperature/abrasion. It is more durable and flexible than other’s normal hose.
  • Inlet : Nozzle Type Butane Canister; Outlet : EN417 Lindal Valve (male thread)

logoStand Type Adapter Convert Nozzle Type Canister to EN417 Lindal Valve with Extend Hose Z23-VC




  • This stand type butane canister adapter can connect your nozzle type butane canister to gas device that has an EN417 Lindal Valve.
  • Due to 10 inch extend hose, you can put gas fuel canister far away from heat resource.
  • This adapter can support your gas device standing stably with its three legs.
  • Equipped with a check-valve(self-sealing valve), therefore it won’t leak even though it doesn’t connect to a device (burner, stove, lantern, etc..).
  • Package include: 1 * Adapter Z23-VC




NOTE : Package includes 1pc of adapter Z23-VC(with extend hose) only. The other products are not included.

・Light weight and easy to carry.

・Easy to connect a butane canister(nozzle bottle) to camping gas device (burner, stove, lantern, etc..) which can be used on a EN417 Lindal Valve canister.

・Useful for reducing overall cost of fuel. Allows you to use a butane canister with a standard screw thread camping/backpacking stove like the MSR, Soto stove.

・Inlet : Nozzle Type Butane Canister

Outlet : EN417 Lindal Valve

Please note that if you use this adapter to a canister which doesn’t match, it may cause problems in use.

Make sure the adapter is in a locked state before using gas cartridge. Otherwise, gas will leak from canister.



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