Propane Gas Device Adapter with Extend Hose Z22/Z29-105


  • DIMENSIONS: Extend Hose:41″ / 105cm
  • WEIGHT: 4.41oz / 125g
  • MATERIAL: Super Duralumin, Brass, Stainless, Rubber
  • USES: Connect 1lb/16oz propane tank to propane gas device with extend hose, and it is equiped with regulating valve for gas flow rate adjustment, very efficient. It is a useful tool for your camping, backpacking, hunting, BBQ, barbecue and other outdoor occasions.
  • This set includes 1pc of 1lb/16oz propane tank adapter Z22, and 1pc of propane gas stove adapter with extend hose (41″/105cm) Z29-105. You can use two kinds of adapters separately, or use them together as a set.

Propane Gas Device Adapter with Extend Hose(41″/105cm), Input: 16oz/1Lb Small Propane Canister, Output: Propane Gas Stove Z22/Z29-105





・This adapter Z22/Z29-105 can connect a 16oz/1lb propane tank to a camping propane gas device (burner, stove, lantern, etc..) such as coleman camping stove grill, buddy heater, weber liquid gas grill, tabletop grill etc…

・This set includes 1pc of propane tank adapter Z22, 1pc of propane stove adapter with Extend Hose(41″/105cm) Z29-105. You can use them separately, or together as a set.

・Extend pipe Z29-105 is equipped with a regulating valve for flow rate adjustment.

・Extend pipe Z29-105 can keep your 1lb propane gas tank farther away from gas device, which is more convenient to use.

・Package include:1 * Propane Tank Adapter Z22; 1 * Propane Stove Adapter with Extend Hose(41″/105cm) Z29-105

・Since Z29-105 doesn’t have a built-in check valve (self-sealing valve), it can be applied regardless of the valve length of the equipment you are using.

Note: Connect the adapter to the gas device first, otherwise the gas will leak from gas canister.

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