2 Outlet Adapter for with 23.6-inch Hose Z22/Z28-60


  • This set includes adapter Z22 (for 1Lb propane) and adapter Z28-60 (with EN417 Lindal Valve). Can let you use one 1Lb propane tank or one isobutane gas canister(with EN417 Lindal Valve) for two camping devices at the same time.
  • BUILT-IN CHECK VALVE:Adapter is equipped with check-valve (self-sealing valve), therefore it won’t leak when connect it to 1Lb propane tank or isobutane gas canister.(Note: Please remove the adapter from the canister after using.)
  • Inlet : 16oz/1lb propane tank, or EN417 Lindal Valve Canister; Outlet(two) : EN417 Lindal Valve (male thread)

2 Outlet Adapter for 1lb Propane Tank and EN417 Lindal Valve Device with 23.6-inch Hose Z22/Z28-60



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