Backpacking Stove Stand High Type with Upper Support Trivet Z01


  • 【High type stand Z01】A stand for outdoor screw on type gas fuel canister and backpacking/camping devices. The large upper support (trivet part) provides firm support for big pot, and it is stable even on rough terrain such as mountain climbing and rocky areas.
  • The lower support of this backpacking stove stand is divided and the height can be adjusted. This stand can be used as two patterns, short and high.
  • When used in combination with 2 Outlet Adapter Z28-60, it can distribute gas and connect to burners and lanterns. (* The adapter & devices except Stand Z01 shown in the photo is sold separately.)


stove stand


*Please confirm your gas fuel canister’s valve and your gas device’s connector first. Make sure your devices have right type of valve to use this product.

  • This stove stand Z01 can be used for backpacking stove/lantern which has EN417 Lindal Valve.
  • There are two types of this backpacking stove stand: High type Z01 and Low type Z02.
  • High type stove stand Z01 can use 4oz(110g)/8oz(227g)/16oz(450g) EN417 Lindal valve canister, nozzle type butane canister (need adapter Z11), 1lb/16oz propane tank (need adapter Z22).
  • Low type stove stand Z02 can use 4oz(110g)/8oz(227g) EN417 Lindal valve canister
  • By using this stove stand, camping stove will be much more stable and can hold bigger pot, and it is stable even on rough terrain such as mountain climbing and rocky areas.
  • Package include: 1pc * Stand Z01; 1pc * storage bag




How to assemble

backpacking stand

NOTE : Package includes 1pc of Stand Z01 with storage bag only. The other products are not included.


  1. Connect centre pole & lower support (legs):get high type legs.
  2. Insert the upper support (trivet) into the hole on mounting part to attach it.
  3. Connect legs to holes under the mounting part.
  4. Confirm that there is no looseness or distortion.


This is a product compatible with isobutane screw-on type gas canister(with EN417 Lindal Valve).

Inlet : EN417 Lindal Valve Canister

Outlet : EN417 Lindal Valve

Please note that if you use this adapter to a canister which doesn’t match, it may cause problems in use.

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