Coal Bed Charcoal Fire Grate 3.74×3.74-inch T-095


  • DIMENSIONS:3.74″x3.74″/ 9.5×9.5cm
  • WEIGHT:7.1oz / 200g
  • MATERIAL:Stainless steel
  • Fit for camp grill X-MINI
stainless steel coal bed

Stainless Steel Coal Bed For Fireplace/Fire pits/Bonfire

This high heat charcoal fire grate is a tool that is set on the bottom of a fireplace/firepit/bonfire to create an air flow and improve the combustion efficiency of charcoal or firewood.

Below is the CAMPINGMOON’s fire pit/grill that can be used with these carbon beds. You can also use these coal beds/fireplace grates for other fire pit/grill by confirming the dimension first.

  • T-095:Small Size Camping Grill X-Mini, X-Mini-Pro
  • T-172:14-inch Camping Grill MT-2
  • T-173:20×13-inch Camping Grill MT-3


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