Camping Sierra Cup 310ml (4pcs Set) S-220-4P


  • PACKAGE INCLUDE:4 pcs of Sierra Cup.【USED AS A MEASURING CUP/COFFEE CUP】As CAMPINGMOON sierra cup has a scale on inside, you do not need another measuring cup for your instant food. You can also use CAMPINGMOON sierra cup as a coffee cup, soup bowl etc… as you need.
  • 【COMPACT & EASY TO HOLD】By stacking Sierra cups on top of each other, these lightweight compact sierra cups can be stored and save space. CAMPINGMOON sierra cup has a handle, which could be hooked on camp rack and easy to hold.
  • 【STURDY & HEAT-RESISTING】CAMPINGMOON sierra cup is made by 304 stainless steel, very sturdy. You can put CAMPINGMOON sierra cup on fire directly for cooking. Very convenient for your camping, backpacking, hunting and other outdoor occasions.
  • DIMENSIONS(EACH PC):φ4.7″x6.5″x1.8″(H) / φ12×16.5×4.5(H)cm;WEIGHT(EACH PC):2.6oz / 75g;CAPACITY (FULL):310 ml
  • MATERIAL:304 Stainless steel

2pcs/4pcs Set Stainless Steel Camping Sierra Cup 310ml (4pcs Set)


camping stainless steel sierra cup

A cup that represents the outdoors

  • Because CAMPINGMOON sierra cup can be stored compactly, and this camping sierra cup is easy to clean, CAMPINGMOON sierra cup is an item suitable for camping and backpacking. CAMPINGMOON sierra cup can be used in various scenes from solo active scenes to families and auto camps.
  • You can enjoy the outdoor atmosphere at home by using CAMPINGMOON sierra cup.
  • This camping sierra cup includes measurement markings in the interior for quick and simple cooking.
  • CAMPINGMOON sierra cup is made from highest quality stainless steel 304, ensuring durability and safety.
  • Package include: 4pcs * sierra cup (S-220-4P)



camping stainless steel sierra cup

NOTE : Package includes 4 pcs of sierra cup S-220-4P only. The other products are not included.

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