Camping Stove Gas Torch MT-3955/I-1010


  • DIMENSIONS(IN USE) : 22.5″x1.3″x2.8″ / 57.2″x3.2″x7.2″
  • DIMENSIONS(IN PACKAGE) : 10.8″x5.9″x2″ / 27.5″x15″x5″
  • WEIGHT : 17.6oz / 500g
  • MATERIAL : Stainless steel, pure copper, duralumin, wood
  • OUTPUT POWER: 47,000BTU.



Camping Stove Gas Torch

  • A gear power torch with a output of 47000BTU. Ideal for starting camping stove.
  • Dual gas fuel:You can use EN417 Lindal valve isobutane/butane gas fuel canister, or nozzle type butane canister (by using attached adapter). You can also use 1lb propane tank by using optional adapter Z22.
  • It is a useful tool for ignition work of firewood and charcoal.
  • With an equipped-in heat-exchanger inside the tip of the torch, it improves combustion efficiency by instantly vaporizing it.
  • Comes with an igniter and an original storage case.
  • The accessory spanner extension rod (8.7”) has a check valve, and it is very convenient because it can be used not only for gas torches but also for gas lanterns.
  • Package include: 1set * Gas Torch MT-3955/I-1010


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