2 stages Camping Grill Net MT-3-W


  • ★This cooking grid is fit for CAMPINGMOON’s Camping Wood Burning Grill MT-3.★You can also use this grill on other pyramid type fire pit with a size around 12’’x20’’. It cannot stand up-right by itself.
  • DIMENSIONS: In use:19.3″x13.4″x2.4″(Height) / 49x34x6(Height)cm; Folded:19.3″x6.7″x0.6″ / 49x17x1.5cm
  • WEIGHT: 21oz / 600g
  • Made of stainless steel and is solid enough for putting a pot or a small Dutch oven on it.
  • 2 levels adjustable height of the grill, so you can control the heat for cooking.

Height Adjustable in 2 stages Camping Grill Net MT-3-W (Grill Accessories for MT-3)

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