Butane Gas Torch MT-2915-RD


Flame adjustable from a concentrated flame of 1300 ℃ to a soft flame of 900 ℃.
IGNITION METHOD:One-touch piezoelectric ignition. Convenient to use for Camping, BBQ, Barbecue etc…
Easy to connect to a nozzle type butane gas fuel canister.
Copper nozzle that can withstand a high temperature flame

SPECIFICATIONcamping gas torch

Butane Gas Torch MT-2915-RD

  • Flame adjustable to meet you various needs.
  • Work with butane gas canister which has a metal ring around the top with about a 1/2″ slit missing (Canister with a short nozzle and snap joint). Not for propane gas. Please turn off the torch head before replacing butane gas
  • Versatile applications for home cooks, DIY, plumbers, camping, BBQ etc…
  • Package include: 1 * Butane Gas Torch MT-2915-RD


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