Flame Adjustable Gas Torch for Camping Stove Outdoor Cooking MT-3915-OD


  • A flame adjustable isobutane torch with EN417 Lindal valve for camping grill, outdoor cooking etc.
  • The preheating pipe is equipped in this stainless steel isobutane gas torch, which can help the isobutane gas fuel burn more efficiently.
  • Easy to connect to a Screw-on type EN417 Lindal valve gas fuel canister and has a O-ring for not leaking.
  • This EN417 Lindal valve isobutane gas torch uses CNC machining, with high quality and a high-class finishing.

Product Description

isobutane gas torch

An isobutane gas torch with a output of 15600BTU. Ideal for starting camping stove and camping cooking.

  • This isobutane gas torch has a dial-type adjustment for power, you can change the firepower depending on the need.
  • It is a useful camping gas torch for ignition work of firewood and charcoal.
  • With an equipped-in heat-exchanger inside the tip of the torch, it improves combustion efficiency by instantly vaporizing it.
  • Package include: 1set * Gas Torch MT-3915-OD (Igniter and gas fuel canister are sold separately.)


isobutane gas torch

Preparation before attach gas torch to butane gas canister:

  • Turn the power regulator slowly to confirm the valve is closed.
  • Make sure that there is no gas leakage.
  • Ignition: Ignite manually.
  • Removing the gas fuel canister: Removing the canister is the reverse of the installation procedure.


isobutane gas torch
butane gas torch butane gas torch propane gas torch
Butane gas torch, Model No:MT-3915-CB Isobutane gas torch, Model No:MT-3915-OD Propane gas torch, Model No:MT-3915-PG
Gas fuel type Butane gas fuel canister (canister with snap joint only) Isobutane gas fuel canister (EN417 Lindal valve canister, screw-on type canister) 16oz/1lb propane tank
Output power 14000BTU 15600BTU 21500BTU

Product information

Technical Details

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