It’s too popular to get one in Japan ! ?

Campingmoon camping chair F-1002C I actually used


(Original of this article is published by Yui Kainuma on gogotent.)

Among the many camping chairs I have used, I highly recommend the Campingmoon camping chair.

The design of Campingmoon camping chairs is fashionable for the comfortable seating, and I finally got the relaxing low chair which is sold out quickly after on sale, so I will review it immediately!

This chair is perfect for bonfires and stargazing.

I’ve taken pictures in every corner this time, so please take a look to the end!


Description of Relaxing Low Chair




21″x19.5″x37.8″(H) / 53.5×49.5×96(H)cm


φ5.91″x45.3″(H) / φ15×115(H)cm
WEIGHT 9.5lb / 4.3kg
LOAD CAPACITY 264lb / 120kg
MATERIAL Seat : Cotton canvas

Frame : Aluminum alloy

✓Although the storage size is 1.15m long, it is nice to be able to set it up with one touch.

✓✓The weight is not light for an camping chair, but the attached carry bag with handle is easy to hold and does not feel too heavy.

✓✓✓Due to its weight and size, it’s well made and especially for comfortable sitting.



It’s time to open it!

It looks like this when it is in the carry bag.

It’s as long and slender as other camping equipment, and it’s easy to put in a car.

As shown above, it is about 45 inch long.


You can hang it on your shoulder and hold it.

Nice design that does not get tired of carrying for everyone.




Recommended points


There is a hook for hanging lanterns and a large storage pocket in behind.

It is really convenient!


Cotton material is strong against sparks from bonfire!

I used a chair made of cheap chemical fibers, but it often happens that sparks are scattered and holes are created.


With armrests where you can rest your arms comfortably!

When you have a drink, you can hold it stably.

It’s surprisingly different with and without armrests!

(The photo is just opened the chair and the protective sheet is not removed!)


The point I would like to recommend the most is that your neck does not get tired even if you look up at the starry sky!

The other low chair doesn’t have high-back, I hurt my neck when I saw the stars for a while.

But with this chair, I was able to see a lot of stars from a perfect angle.

To be honest, I was very moved by it…



I’ve been using a folding camping chair for about $20 so far

They were useful because of their compactness.


This time, I changed my thought with this CAMPINGMOON relaxing low chair!

When I go to camping, the longest time I used is the chair.

So I thought that the a comfortable camping chair would effect whether or not you could spend the camping time comfortably!

Personally, in a low style that you can fully enjoy a bonfire,

of all the chairs that have high back, CAMPINGMOON’s camping chair seems to be the most cost-effective one.


CAMPINGMOON Foldable Cotton Canvas Camping Chair High Back Low Style Relaxing Chair F1002C